Memorials & Gift Book Donations Policy

Gift books can be purchased for the library in memory or in honor of someone. They can be on a subject you choose and in any price range.

How can I purchase a memorial or gift book for the library?

Download a Gift Book and Memorial FormTo purchase a gift book for the library, print and fill out a Gift and Memorial Book Donation form (pdf file) and return it in person or by mail to:

ATTN:Jo Krieger
330 32nd Street
Bellaire, OH 43906

The person or group purchasing the gift book may choose to donate any amount of money for the purchase of one or more books. The average cost of an adult fiction or non-fiction book is around $30.00, so you may wish to plan your gift accordingly. You may also give an amount that can be used to purchase multiple books for our collection. Children's books are also a popular choice for memorials or gifts.

You may decide to make the gift book even more special by choosing a subject area that is/was of interest to the person being honored. We will then find a new book that will fit into our collection in that subject area that will be purchased with the amount of money donated.

When you purchase a gift book for the library, we will place a special book plate inside the front cover of each book that lists the name of the donor and the name of the person or people being honored or remembered. Also, cards will be sent to the person being honored or the family of those who are being memorialized to let them know of the donor's purchase for the library.

If you are interested in donating items other than books as a gift or memorial, or if you have any questions about donating, please contact the library at 740-676-9421, or by email at

Your gifts to our library in memory or in honor of a friend or loved one are a lasting way to remember a special person that will be shared and enjoyed by all library patrons who read it for many years to come.

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