The Daniel L. Frizzi, Jr. Railroad Collection


The Daniel L. Frizzi, Jr. Railroad Collection consists of railroad photographs and digital images taken at various locations over a span of more than 30 years commencing in 1990 and continuing to the present. The photographs and digital images were taken by Daniel L. Frizzi, Jr., as a hobby. Most of the photographs were taken in and around Bellaire, Ohio and the surrounding areas where railroad tracks continued in operation during this period of time. In addition to the local railroad traffic of the Ohio Valley, however, many photographs depict scenes of mountain railroads in West Virginia, western Pennsylvania and Maryland, all of which were taken during this same period of time by the photographer. These mountain railroads include the Class I track operated by CSX between Pittsburgh and Cumberland, Maryland, as well as between Grafton, West Virginia and Cumberland, Maryland.

Many of the photographs identify the fallen flags of some of the nation’s earliest railroad companies, including the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad; the Western Maryland Railroad; Seaboard Coast Lines; Louisville and Nashville Railroad; Chessie; Cheasapeake and Ohio Railroad; Conrail; Pennsylvania Railroad; Norfolk and Western Railway; Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway; and others. CSX, Conrail and Norfolk Southern are prominent throughout the collection even though the fallen flags of other railroads continued to be used as motive power during this period.


In order to identify the location of the photographs taken, reference to a particular railroad without a designation of location should be assumed to have been taken in Bellaire, Ohio. For example, a reference to “CSX” without more should be considered a Bellaire, Ohio photograph. A reference to “CSX Bridgeport” would identify the photograph to have been taken at that location. The following abbreviations should be used to identify the railroads depicted:

B & O - Baltimore and Ohio NS - Norfolk Southern
CEI - Cleveland Electric Illuminating LN - Louisville Nashville
CHES - Chessie SB - Seaboard
CR - Conrail WLE - Wheeling & Lake Erie
CSX - CSX WM - Western Maryland Railroad


Each Volume of photographs is arranged numerically by Set Number and identified by dates.

The photographs which appear in all volumes capture railroad traffic that has in many places changed over the past 30 years, or have disappeared completely.  The photographs and digital images have been donated by the photographer to the Bellaire Public Library as a resource for those interested in railroad history and photography.

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VOLUME 1: Daniel L. Frizzi, Jr. Railroad Collection

Set 1 September 1, 1991 CEI Unit Train at Pipe Creek and Dilles Bottom
Set 2 October 15, 1990 CR and river scenes
Set 3 October 15, 1990 Union Street, Bellaire and Bridge Scenes (Black and White)
Set 4 October 20, 1990 CR, CEI, Bridge Scenes and Union Street, Bellaire (Black and White)
Set 5 October 25, 1990 CR and CEI Shadyside/Bellaire, Georgetown Tunnel
Set 6 November 1, 1990 CHES, CR at Bridge Scenes
Set 7 November 15, 1990 CSX, CHES, CEI, J-Tower, and Interstate Bridge
Set 8 November 30, 1990 Ohio River Bridge, Interstate Bridge, Ohio River Traffic, CSX SB-Diamond
Set 9 December 15, 1990 CHES and CEI, Viaduct with Snow, Gatto Building
Set 10 January 1, 1991 CSX, Ohio River Bridge in High Water
Set 11 January 1, 1991 Interstate Bridge, CSX Local, CR North Bellaire, WLE Saginaw Mine
Set 12 February 1, 1991 CSX Local Bridgeport, WLE Saginaw Mine, OR&W Mooney Coach
Set 13 February 28, 1991 WLE Saginaw Mine, CSX Local, Bellaire Buildings
Set 14 March 1, 1991 CR, CSX Local on Viaduct
Set 15  March 4, 1991 CLW  Trestle, GSV keystone at Union Street
Set 16 April 22, 1991 WLE Saginaw Mine
Set 17 April 15, 1991 CSX Local, Conrail Local Bridgeport
Set 18 May 1, 1991 CEI and CSX Local
Set 19 May 1, 1991 Bellaire Parade for School Levy
Set 20 May 15, 1991 CSX Local, CEI unit train, CR at diamond, B&O Colors
Set 21  June 5, 1991 Memorial Day Park, CSX Local
Set 22 June 15, 1991 WLE Saginaw Mine
Set 23 July 8, 1991 Demolition B & O Station, Union Street
Set 24  July 8, 1991 Demolition B & O Station, Union Street
Set 25 July 30, 1991 Willard, Ohio Yards
Set 26 August 1, 1991 Ohio Central Sugarcreek, Rt. 7 Construction, CSX/Seaboard at Diamond, Oglebay Hot Air Balloon at Linsly
Set 27 August 15, 1991 CSX Grafton
Set 28 August 25, 1991 CSX Ohio River Bridge, River Traffic, CR Local, CSX/Roundhouse Glendale
Set 29 September 1, 1991 Conrail, WLE, B&O and WM
Set 30 September 15, 1991 Ohio River Bridge, CHES Local, Rt. 7 Construction
Set 31 September 15, 1991 Rt. 7 Construction, Ohio River Bridge, WLE Saginaw Mine, CHES Local
Set 32 September 15, 1991 Homecoming, Rt. 7 Construction
Set 33 October 15, 1991 WLE Scenic Mingo Junction, WLE Saginaw Mine, Rt. 7 Construction, CSX at Diamond
Set 34 November 1, 1991 Ohio River Bridge w Traffic, Football Nelson Field, Barton Tunnel, WLE Saginaw Mine, CEI Unit Train
Set 35 December 15, 1991 CEI Unit Train, WLE Yorkville, CSX Bridgeport, CSX Ohio River Bridge
Set 36 May 1, 1992 CSX Local on Viaduct and Ohio River Bridge
Set 37 May 15, 1992 Rt. 7 Construction at Ohio River Bridge
Set 38 May 15, 1992 CSX Local, CEI Shadyside, Ohio River Bridge
Set 39 May 30, 1992 Rt. 7 Construction
Set 40 June 6, 1992 CSX Local riding Benwood, Bellaire to Martins Ferry
Set 41 June 6, 1992 CSX Local riding Martins Ferry, Bellaire to Benwood
Set 42 June 15, 1992 CSX Local on Viaduct, Rt. 7 Bridge Construction
Set 43 August 1, 1992 Rail Train Holloway removing CLW rails
Set 44 August 15, 1992 Wheeling Airport, Rail Train removing CLW rails Holloway to Flushing
Set 45 August 21, 1992 Rail Train removing CLW rails Provident, Barton, Bridgeport 
Set 46 September 1, 1992 Rail Train on Viaduct, Barton Bridgeport
Set 47 September 1, 1992 Nelson Field Football
Set 48 October 1, 1992 CR Local, CSX Local, GSV Keystone
Set 49 October 10, 1992 Nelson Field Football, Union Street
Set 50  October 15, 1992 CSX Local Main Street Arch, Nelson Field Football, Homecoming

VOLUME 2: Daniel L. Frizzi, Jr. Railroad Collection

Set 51 December 1, 1992 WLE Loading Coal, CEI Bridgeport
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VOLUME 3: Daniel L. Frizzi, Jr. Railroad Collection

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VOLUME 4: Daniel L. Frizzi, Jr. Railroad Collection

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